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Articulating the CCS Approach and Lesson Study:

A Promising Teacher Professional Development Towards Inclusive Education.

Lima Fluminhan, Carmem Silvia1; Teixeira de Castro, Paula2; Schlünzen, Elisa Tomoe Moryia3 and Schlünzen Junior, Klaus1.
1) São Paulo State University (Unesp), Brazil; 2) University of Cambridge, UK; 3) University of Western São Paulo, Brazil.




Fluminhan, C. S. L., Castro, P. T. de, Schlünzen, E. T. M., & Schlünzen, K, Jr. (2022). Articulating the CCM approach and lesson study: a promising teacher professional development towards inclusive education. Video Journal of Social and Human Research, 1(1). 84-96. http// v1i1.17.


Quality provision of inclusion is directly impacted by the extent to which inclusive teaching practices are provided in inclusive educational settings. Besides exploring the contemporary concept of inclusion, this paper addresses the international research literature on Lesson Study (LS) for inclusive settings and investigates the Constructionist, Contextualized and Meaningful (CCM) approach by Schlünzen et al. (2020) as a possible fit to create enhanced conditions for inclusive education in tandem with LS. Findings showed that international experiential studies using LS for improving inclusion shared similar nature with the CCM approach regarding the collaboration amongst teachers for effective professional learning and the centrality of the students’ voices to improve and transform teaching practices towards inclusion. Finally, the study suggests that the articulated use of LS and the CCM approach might ignite more effective inclusive teaching practices whilst providing an education that promotes all learning, and meets the needs of all students in inclusive educational settings. This study also indicates further avenues for empirical research to deepen the understanding of how the LS movement and the CCM approach integrated to teaching and learning can impact education in different cultures.


Constructionist; Contextualized and Meaningful Approach; Professional Learning; Inclusion; Literature Review.


Carmem Silvia Lima Fluminhan, São Paulo State University (UNESP).; Paula Teixeira de Castro, University of Cambridge (UK); Elisa Tomoe Moryia Schlünzen, University of Western São Paulo.; Klaus Schlünzen Junior, São Paulo State University (UNESP).

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